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        The present Villa of Our Lady of the   Poconos was formerly know as "The Meadowside".  Well known to travelers and visitors of the Poconos as the best year-round Inn in the Pocono Mountains.  Actually the property draws a long history with some records and deeds showing its use as an Inn dating back at least to the 1850's.  The then wooden structure was leveled to the ground twice due to fire.  The current steel and concrete fireproof building was erected in 1929.

          In 1952, Mr. Miller the proprietor of The Meadowside was interested in selling the property and with the guidance of then Bishop William Hafey, Bishop of Scranton, the Bernardine Sisters became involved.    Purchase of the building was completed in December, 1952

               After extensive renovations and remodeling took place, the first Sisters arrived in February of 1953 to open a retreat house for women and youth.  In the course of the following years a new chapel was built (1984), an elevator was added (1989), and various improvements to the building and grounds.  Accommodations include spacious bedrooms with single, double, and some triple occupancy with each room furnished with a private bathroom. 

               Today the retreat house has come a long way from the popular hotel to God's hotel in the Poconos.  At the retreat house, a spirit of ecumenism and Franciscanism prevail.  It has become a place to "rest with the Lord"; a place of "holy ground" surrounded by the resort industry.  It brings to the Pocono mountains a beacon of prayer and contemplation not only for the retreat guests who stay at God's Hotel, but also, for those drawn each day or night to the feet of Mary at the grotto of Our Lady of the Poconos in prayerful supplication.


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